Beach Weddings Coromandel New Zealand Marriage Celebrant

What time of year would you recommend for our wedding?

We would recommend a weekday as the beaches are less populated then and there is more chance of the accommodation, Celebrant and photographer  being available.

If you are sun seekers, Oct – April encompasses our NZ Summer. You will find the beaches most populated from Christmas to the end of January when New Zealanders traditionally take their holiday break.
Also it is a popular wedding destination in weekends Feb-March so if you prefer privacy, avoid these times.

There seems so much to do on the Coromandel Peninsula. What if we want to stay longer than the 3 days in the package?

 Yes, the possibilities are endless. If you can afford the time, we would suggest adding at least a week onto your stay. Your accommodation hosts will be happy to extend your stay subject to availability. Book early to avoid disappointment.


What if it rains on the wedding day?

When the application is made for the marriage licence, a second venue is requested for this very reason. The marriage must take place at one of these 2 locations.  The Marriage Celebrant has kindly made her home available as the wet weather venue. It is located in Cooks Beach and is suited to the occasion with high vaulted ceilings, picture window and tree lined views close to the beach.


Beach Weddings Coromandel New Zealand Marriage Celebrant


How will we get to the Coromandel?

Avis, Budget, Thrifty and Europcar all have offices at Auckland International Airport. They supply map books that will guide you to us. Your accommodation is at Cooks Beach. Allow 3 hours for the trip which includes your stop at Thames to collect the marriage licence. To keep in touch you will be able to purchase a NZ Vodafone pre-paid simcard for your mobile phone from their kiosk at the Arrivals Lounge.




What do we have to do about applying to get married in NZ?

We will take care of the application for you prior to your arrival. It takes 3 clear days to process (5 days  if it encompasses a weekend) and we don’t want you missing out on your precious holiday time. However the application does require your signature for validation. Therefore you are required to sign the application and collect the licence at the Thames Courthouse as you pass through Thames en-route to Cooks Beach.

  • Making application and the associated fee are included in your wedding package

Will we need anything extra to prove we are married when we get home?

You may already have flown home by the time the “Particulars of Marriage” are lodged with the Dept. of Internal Affairs in Wellington. We will monitor progress and make a request for your NZ Marriage Certificate to be issued and couriered to your home address as soon as it’s available.


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